Friday, July 27, 2012

Aimless Reading: The S's, Part 40.1 (Sophocles)

The Theban Plays
The Theban Plays

I am not sure about this one. I have two ideas about where it might have come from.

I think I got it from my brother. It may have been his high school text book.

It might also have been mine. I definitely used it, as there are markings in it that look like my own.

The paper is quite yellow.

Someone pressed a pushpin or something like that through the upper right hand corner, beginning at the title page all the way through to page eighty-one. The hole doesn't go quite that far, but there is a faint impression of the pinhead on page eighty-one.

That must have taken a lot of effort.

I can imagine a tenth grader sitting class, bored, and making this his in-class project for the day. He presses the pin as deeply as he can in the first shot, maybe five to ten pages, removes the pin, and repeats until he gets to about page twenty. After that, he does it a page at a time, maybe two or three, then starts at the beginning again, trying to push through the book from his latex hole. Time passes, he makes it only so far before the bell rings.

The next day he's forgotten all about it.

from Oedipus Rex

All the generations of mortal man add up to nothing!
Show me the man whose happiness was anything more than an illusion,
Followed by disillusion.

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