Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aimless Reading: The S's, Part 50 (Brian Kim Stefans)

Angry Penguins
Stefans, Brian Kim
Angry Penguins

Given to me by the author.

Brian gave a reading in Buffalo with Miles Champion in the Steel Bar Series, which was hosted by Jonathan Skinner in the studio of his wife, Isabelle Pelissier, on the fifth floor of the Tri-Main Center on Main St. in North Buffalo.

I remember being in the car with Brian and Miles. I don't know who was driving. I have a memory of sitting in the back seat and the two of them being in the front. Or maybe it was Miles sitting in the front and me and Brian sitting in the back. Jonathan must have been driving.

We had just left the building and had turned left off Jewett Parkway, heading south on Main St. towards downtown. I don't know where we were going.

I think the four of us started talking about buying books at readings or something like that and I remember telling them that I was too broke to buy books at the moment, to which both responded by giving me copies of theirs, which I appreciated greatly.

For a while, I was very interested in e-poetry, and I even published Brian's The Dreamlife of Letters in my short-lived journal of electronic writing, lume. My interest in that particular strain of writing waned, mostly because I never developed the tech chops to create it myself, but I've always liked and admired Brian's piece.

from Angry Penguins

"Voici de la prose sur l'avenir..."

Critically acclaimed
sonnets, of all things.

But the oven-roaster
rebels, quasi disparaging
in tense disequilibrium
                (of all things)
cautious with her
behind the screens, behind the skies
–clunky things, those furnishings
that futz with the eyes.

Win weekend's winnings' cup and
muster the bomb, hiber-
nating in cyber-climes, sand
                tough at the feet,
where the intestine is radically hyper: for

production, a line again, replete.

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