Saturday, September 15, 2012

Aimless Reading: The T's, Part 3 (Lorenzo Thomas)

Dancing on Main St.
Thomas, Lorenzo
Dancing on Main St.

I am not sure where I got this. I seem to have a memory of it sitting on the shelf at Just Buffalo, which could mean that I got it off the shelf there. But it doesn't have the "Property of Just Buffalo Literary Center" stamp on the inside cover that most of the others that fit into that category.

I remember becoming aware of Lorenzo Thomas around the time that he died. I think it may have been Patricia Spears Jones who told me I should read him.

Now another memory is floating of having bought this online, perhaps on her recommendation.


Anyhow, today is my daughter's first birthday. That didn't take long! We have three parents in town for the weekend and Lori and I are sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags.

Thus, I take my leave.

from Dancing on Main St.

The Kite and the Hawk

Man is no longer alone in the universe!

The day I found the hieroglyphic formula
For happiness for all mankind
I had to promise to give it away.

It is we have to find a way
For everyone to have
one more of something
Than your neighbor has

For you--here is a dollar!

And for you,
I feel warm brotherhood
And love intense
Beyond what anyone has ever felt before.

You didn't think I'm going around
And giving everybody money?

For me
The syllable of antique power
To shift the Light above
Enough to cast the second or third shadow
The Grand Prize
In the lottery of loneliness.

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