Friday, September 21, 2012

Aimless Reading: The T's, Part 6 (Tsvetan Todorov)

The Conquest of America
Todorov, Tsvetan
The Conquest of America

Purchased at Talking Leaves...Books. I am pretty sure this was on the same orals list as Thucydides. It was called the Prose of History or the History of History or something along those lines. The other two were the poetics of history and the philosophy of history. I have described these lists before. Hmm...where is

Is adding more and more links to previous posts a sign that I am running out of steam? Have I nothing left to say about the past as it relates to the books on my shelves. Have I moved so many times now that I am too much "in the present" to reflect upon the pace? Have the enormous changes in my life over the past year unsettled my consciousness to such an extent that I can no longer give this blog the attention it deserves? Does one's writing become self-reflexive at the moment it is dying out ? or is self-reflexivity a sign that a transformation is at hand? Am I about to take this project in a new direction as we plunge headlong towards the Z's.

One thing that concerns me going forward is that I haven't a single book whose author's last name begins with 'X'. I need one. Feel free to make suggestions in the comment box.

Ok, off to work. No excerpt today.

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