Monday, September 24, 2012

Aimless Reading: The T's, Part 7 (Edwin Torres)

Fractured Humorous
Torres, Edwin
Fractured Humorous

I am pretty sure I acquired this when Edwin came to Buffalo in the early 2000s.

He stayed with Jonathan Skinner. On the last day of his visit we put together a little impromptu poetry anthology called, "Sugar in the Raw." It contained work by Edwin, Jonathan, Linda Russo, Doug Manson, Chris Alexander and myself. I think that was all. We photocopied the whole thing in Jonathan's dining room. The cover was an image of a box of raw sugar, hence the title. I always liked the title and the cover. I still have a copy of it somewhere, no doubt in a box among all my other ephemera.

The other time I met Edwin we were sitting on a grant panel for the New York Foundation for the Arts. The other panelists were Patricia Spears Jones, M.J. Iuppa, and Tina Chang. We sat in a room for two days discussing the hundred or so manuscripts we'd selected from an original group of 600. Our job was to give out 25 grants of about $7000 apiece. I remember on the first day Edwin led us all down to a little Mexican place in Soho. I think it was called Lupe's. It was pretty darn good. I have returned many times since. After that, Patricia, Tina, M.J. and I went purse shopping on Prince St. I bought a pretty spiffy one for Lori, which she still uses.

from Fracture Humorous


When little kids
in foreign lands jibber,
they jibber in foreign tongues.
The little fipps
they ask for as little kids will do,
become jibbering jibbs with accents–my
how fippery-foo!

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