Saturday, October 6, 2012

Aimless Reading: The V's, Part 3 (Kevin Varrone)

Passyunk Lost
Varrone, Kevin
G-Point Almanac: Passyunk Lost

Sent to me by the publisher.

I was asked to blurb this book for the UDP website, which I did, so I guess you couldn't exactly call this a review copy. I guess I'd call it a 'thank you' copy. As in, Thank you for blurbing our book.

I've never met Kevin Varrone, except on Facebook, which is sort of surprising given how many friends we have in common. When I used to take long walks on Sunday mornings with Gregg Biglieri, Kevin's name used to come up now and again.

We may have been in the same room once, as I recall a reading at Thom Donovan's apartment in Buffalo many years ago that featured Kevin's partner, Patty McCarthy. I don't know if he was there or not. But he could have been.

That's about as proximate as we've ever gotten.

from Passyunk Lost


I dreamt the pigeons a sort of rosary
on the powerlines

a kind of broken army of amens

a harmony kinked
& undressed by february

things pass, or passing, or to come
in the insolid shrapnel wind

sunshot, transposed
like a bird in the picture window
of the comcast tower

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