Monday, October 22, 2012

Aimless Reading: The W's, Part 2.1 (Anne Waldman)

First Baby Poems
Waldman, Anne
First Baby Poems

Given to me by the publisher, Geoffrey Gatza.

This is one of many Blazevox titles on my shelves, which contain an equal number of read and unread Blazevox titles. Geoffrey's prolific publication schedule and equally boundless generosity make it almost impossible to keep up with all of the books he publishes. When he used to get really cranking, I could expect to be handed a a bag full of books nearly every time we were in the same room together. I'd guess I've read half or maybe a but more of the books he's handed me over the years.

I just remembered that Anne dedicated a poem to me and Ted Berrigan few years ago. You can read it here.  She wrote it on the train leaving Buffalo after the OlsonNow event mentioned yesterday.

This is one of B'vox's lovelier titles, containing in addition to the poems color collages by George Schneeman.  For today's excerpt I flipped open to this one:


My belly & breasts turn into a lumpy cow's

In a dream, Susan lifts out a translucent orange & shouts "It's a boy!"

Dr. Mary plays the heartbeat for me on a small black box.

It sounds like ponies running in the wind

"That's the placenta wind," she says

Mike explains baby will go through all animal stages before birth

My heart is elephantine

I have a whale's appetite

Last night, creature fluttered inside me like a caught bird

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