Sunday, October 28, 2012

Aimless Reading: The W's, Part 5 (Robert Walser)

Answer to an Inquiry
Walser, Robert
Answer to an Inquiry
Tr. Paul North, Illustrations by Friese Undine

Purchased from Matvei Yankelevich at the UDP table at Buffalo Small Press Book Fair in 2011. We'd invited UDP to be a featured press and Matvei in particular to be a featured poet at the book fair that year. I have a lot of UDP titles, so I was not looking to buy any more, but this lovely little hardbound translation of Walser's instructions for a theater of self-destruction paire with illustrations by Friese Undine, was just to good to pass up. I think I got it for ten dollars, and then Matvei handed me another five books to carry home with me. Not a bad deal!

from Answer to an Inquiry

Then the houses of the painted scenery topple down like the terrible drunkards and bury you. Only your hand can be seen jutting from under the steaming debris. The hand still moves a little, then the curtain falls.

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