Friday, November 2, 2012

Aimless Reading: The W's, Part 10 (Damian Weber)

Prospect Park
Weber, Damian
Prospect Park

Given to me by the author.

When he is not busy staying up all night in Buffalo writing songs, Damian Weber is busy writing poems and publishing his books and chapbooks under the aegis of House Press. When I think of Damian, I think of a man with a big smile and lot of books to give away.

The first time I met Damian, he handed me four chapbooks, all of his own writing. This was in Buffalo.  They had bright pink, blue, green, & orange covers.

Later, he moved to New York. I think every time he came back from New York he handed me at least one chapbook.

Then he returned to Buffalo, where he continued to hand me chapbooks. But this last time in Buffalo, he had fewer chapbooks and more songs, so that now when I think of Damian, I think of him playing his guitar for a crowd of people, singing his songs in his quiet voice.

from Prospect Park

The North Lullwater Woods

These shrubby, woody slopes speak of winter as a stubborn brightness forested with black locust trees. Yet each place speaks of winter and the brightness speaks of a woods providing food and shelter for warblers, black-capped chickadees, woodpeckers and native sparrows. each place speaks of winter, and in winter owls have been seen to roost here in the evergreens.

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