Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Aimless Reading: The W's, Part 22 (Tyrone Williams)

Williams, Tyrone

I think I purchased this from the author when we read together in Tucson in 2007. Human Scale had just come out and I planned a cross-country trek, with readings in Norman, OK, Tucson, LA, SF and Portland. Charles Alexander set me up with a reading in the POG series in Tucson. He also read with me a few nights earlier in Norman, his home town.

Originally, my reading partner in Tucson was supposed to be Maureen Owen, but she had to change her schedule, so I ended up reading with Tyrone, who happened to be doing a residency in Tucson at the time.

The reading took place in an art gallery in Downtown Tucson. I was excited to finally get to meet Tenney Nathanson, with whom I'd corresponded quite a bit a decade earlier about attending Arizona for grad school. I remember calling out for him during the reading, but he wasn't there. Apparently, some kind of plumbing disaster kept us from actually meeting.

I had never heard of Tyrone before coming to Tucson and I remember being blown away by his work and wondering why I had never heard his name before. After the reading, a group of us went out for Indian food and then Lori and Tyrone and I went out for a cup of coffee. I have this image in my head of sitting in a booth next a big picture window looking out on the street. Lori sat to my right and Tyrone directly across from me.

When I got to SF and told Taylor Brady and some of the other poets that I had read with this great poet named Tyrone Williams they all said, O yeah, we've known about him for years. Krupskaya published him in 2002!

from c.c.


(Got to be the backwardest craze I seen–
Do the stations in reverse–twelve steps
off the hook I got thirty years ago–
If I never see the inside from inside again–
Railroaded once too many–Don't close nothing now–
Open house 24/7 at the shotgun crib–
Every drawer pulled out–cabinet open–door cracked–
Looked like rifled through–(rope-a-dope
fiend)–Important not to look like a fool–
Best study the juniors–'do's, threads, bull...
Ain't even 'bout "enabling," "disabling," "fabling"...
Ain't even...shit...look like I'm up...)

Wussup. Go by Hayes Williams–
long for Say Hey the 2nd–
and I'm a black...I mean, African, American...


tyrone said...

thanks Michael--hope the new gig at Yale is still good--looks like you've been enjoying fatherhood!

tyrone said...

thanks Michael--hope you and Lori are enjoying parenthood!

tyrone said...

thanks Michael--hope the new gig at Yale is still good--looks like you've been enjoying fatherhood!

Michael Kelleher, New Haven, CT said...

Hey, Tyrone -- I should hit On Spec next week, after I work my way through "WH" back up to "WI" -- hope all is well!