Thursday, November 1, 2012

Aimless Reading: the W's, Part 9 (Karen Weiser)

To Light Out
Weiser, Karen
To Light Out

Advance uncorrected proofs sent to me by the publisher, UDP. I never did get a copy of the actual book.

I have several memories of meeting Karen.

The first time we met was in Buffalo. She and Anselm were just dating and she had blonde hair. Alice Notley was there and Dan Machlin and Serena Jost and we all had brunch with Robert Creeley at Cybele's cafe.

The second time we met was at the Poetry Project. I had just given a reading with Kim Rosenfield and we were all standing around outside by the cemetery and this woman with black hair came up and said, "Hi, Mike!" It took a moment before I realized it was Karen. I said, "Hi Karen!"

The third time we met was at AWP in NYC. Karen had just recently given birth to their first daughter, Sophie. Anselm was carrying Sophie around in a swaddle. Karen had brown hair and I took a photo of her with Charles Bernstein. After that, the proud parents and I shared a cab down to Washington Sq. I am pretty sure I was going to meet someone, but I can't remember who.

I think that was the last time I actually met Karen in person.

Then Facebook was invented and now I have watched her daughter start to grow up and seen her second daughter born and start to grow up right alongside my own daughter, born a few months later.

We have a lovely Facebook relationship and her hair is still brown.

from To Light Out

Who Can Find a Ragged Dick in Richard Hunter

Teach me to be loveable or teach me a clear conscience
My work ethic's bedroom and character are smeared with general drift
The more I fill in doubt no more,
so warped by law, or no law
that honest government inside tongue-ties the pleasure of possession
Who can find the robin in the venison, when it's money that renames me
I can not glue the missing piece in place
Its shape, like mine, has given up the plum-stone of its edges for a rush
though its music;s of a better class of fellow

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