Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Aimless Reading: Part 22.1 (Tyrone Williams)

On Spec
Williams, Tyrone
On Spec

Okay, I have plowed forward through the missing part of the W's, back to the place I thought I had arrived a little over a week ago.  W-I comes after W-H, not before. I am surprised, given the number of W titles and how W-H is at the beginning of s many last names, that there aren't more books in that section. Perhaps more will appear when I open all of the boxes again. I have to say, the final shelf of books from W-Z is looking very short and I am getting a little nervous about arriving at the end. It should happen in the next couple of months.

Several people have asked if I intend to turn the blog into a book when I am done. My answer so far has been that I am not sure how I would turn it into one. I would imagine there are close to 3000 pages of text, not to mention1300-1500 images, most of which are of pretty poor quality. I suppose I could do selections from each part of the alphabet -- but what about the photos? There isn't a single print-quality image in the bunch. Seems like it would be worthwhile to try something if I can find a publisher who'd be interested in taking it on. I guess we'll just see, then.

I am not sure where I bought this. I have a memory of running into Tyrone at the AWP book fair in NYC right after it came out. He was standing behind the Omnidawn table, presumably getting ready to do a book signing, or perhaps just hanging out with the editor. But I don't think I bought it there. Soon after that I brought him to Buffalo for a reading, so it's possible he sent me a copy prior to his arrival. He was back in Buffalo again a few months later, giving a reading for the poetics program, so it's possible I bought it at that event. I also might have bought it online or at Talking Leaves Books.

There you have it. The myriad avenues into the work of Tyrone Williams.

from On Spec

Written By H'Self

The signature public
the only avant-garde
behind invention

wheelchairs (in) "the street."
Type (A) bleeds through the page–
or screen–it becomes–

a pool as it we're
one drop rules (.)
Individual talent

divides tradition
into tithes, tenths
and nationalized tribes

market share erosion.
Staggered lees

Piggyback the Gap.
John Henry–busted by Keaton.
Gentlemen, 'e thinks,

as the bespoken,
it was the other
kind of happy

feet I wanted.
Guess these shoes
will have to have.

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