Thursday, January 24, 2013

Aimless Reading: Crunching the Numbers

Full Boxes

Crunching the Numbers

Number of days between the first entry and the last: 1,499
Number of entries using the phrase "Aimless Reading": 1,308
Number of volumes examined: 1,272
Number of titles examined: 1,252
Number of authors mentioned in blog headings: 634
Number of photographs taken of books and library: 1,308
First author in series: Peter Abelard
Last author in series: Louis Zukofsky
Most cited author: Robert Creeley (62 times)
Number of letters in the alphabet not cited in the project: 3 (Q, U, X)
Number of mentions of Antinomianism: 1
Number of mentions of Zelda, our Catahoula Leopard Dog: 11
Number of times the whole library was moved in 1,499 days: 3
Number of houses lived in during the same period: 4
Number of cities or towns lived in: 3
Number of bookcases destroyed by movers: 2
Number of times I changed jobs during the process: 1
Number of animals that died during the process: 1 cat (RIP)
Number of pets acquired: 3 (1 dog, 2 cats)
Number of children born: 1 (girl)
Number of marriages: 1 (Three Sisters Island, Niagara Falls, NY)
Number of broken bones: 1 (left radial head)
Number of medical and dental surgeries: 3 (2 gums, one elbow)
Number of break-ins during which no books were stolen: 4 (3 car, 1 house)
Number of boxes of books given away or sold before moves: 11
Age at the beginning of the project: 40
Age at its completion: 44 (sigh)

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