Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Aimless Reading: The Z's, Part 1.1 (Louis Zukofsky)

Zukofsky, Louis

Purchased at East Village books for $6. It was previously owned by someone named Tony. I can't make out his last name. The light was terrible when I took the photo. The image of the cover you see is much darker than the original, but such is light.

I actually took the photo yesterday, then got distracted before I left for work and skipped a day. The cover flap lists other books published by Cape Editions. It's quite an eclectic mix. In addition to Zukofsky, they published titles Claude Lévi-Strauss, Malcom Lowry, Nazim Hikmet, Charles Baudelaire, Julian Huxley, Charles Olson and Fidel Castro. The series editor was Nathaniel Tarn.

When I bought this, I picked up another edition in the series, also by Zukofsky, which contains excerpt from "A." Its cover, as you will see, has a mustard color.

I am struggling to get going on this entry this morning and, oh, look the time has run out. I must go to work.

from Ferdinand

It was fine weather in mid-August when I woke anxious to go on writing the story that in the dark hours did not let me rest.

I had promised my wife not to stay up and strain my eyes, and had failed her. So I was happy to be up before she was, to tell her that I was not tired. The birds had anticipated me with their song: early birds–a dark comedian used to say–catching worms. As I listened before the mesh window screen which a few hours before in the dark had let through only the hot wave of midsummer, a drop in the temperature brought in a breeze as from some basin filling with torrents of air.

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