Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Aimless Reading: The Z's, Part 1.2 (Louis Zukofsky)

"A" 22 & 23
Zukofsky, Louis
"A" 22 & 23

Purchased at East Village Books for $6.00. This price is written on the first page. Opposite, on the flap, is printed the original price, $3.95. Beneath that someone has written, "Cloth $4.95." I guess this must have been written in by a merchant selling both the paper and cloth editions at the time is was published. Perhaps it was suggestive selling, an attempt to push the more expensive cloth binding on the buyer. Obviously, it did not work on the person who brought this one home.

Unlike yesterday's book, from the same publisher, purchased at the same used book store, which presumably bought it from the same person, this book does not contain the signature of "Tony," whose last name I could not read. Yesterday's book also contained a list of other titles published by Cape Editions, whereas today's contains a list of other works Cape published by Zukofsky. These include "A" 24, Autobiography, Little, Catallus (with Celia Zukofsky), and Ferdinand.

It appears that Cape Editions may have changed hands between the publication of the two books. The publisher of Ferdinand was Grossman Publishers/Cape Editions. This volume says "A Viking Compass Book/Cape Editions."

It snowed last night.

from "A" 22 

                                             AN      ERA
                                             ANY  TIME
                                             OF    YEAR

Other letters a sum owed
ages account years each year
out of old fields, permute
blow up against yellow
–scapes welcoming young birds–initial

transmutes itself, swim near and
read a weed's reward–grain
an omen a good omen
the chill mists greet woods
ice, flowers–their soul's return...

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