Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Present: 01.27.13

The Present: 01.27.13

My books still rest in their temporary homes, either in boxes unopened since last year or laying flat on shelves, unorganized in any way. A few – large art books, reference books, lit magazines (in other words, all the books I did not write about in the Aimless Reading Project) – have been removed from boxes and placed in the built-ins next to the fireplace in the living room. The Yale Shakespeare, as well as all of Lori's antique books are also out there.

The only other books not in boxes are those I took out to write about in W-Z and those I've been reading (or intending to read) for the past couple of months. There's a healthy stack on both nightstands in our bedroom, as ever. Emily's books have grown numerous enough that we commandeered a bookcase for her room. I cleared out everything from the built-ins in the hallway so Lori could paint them.

Once they're painted, we can take everything out of boxes. We may get rid of the rickety shelves – purchased a few years ago from Matt Chambers before he moved to Poland – in the photo and replace them with something that looks a little nicer, perhaps a set for my office and one for out bedroom. I am still contemplating a new organizational scheme for the books once they do come out. Alphabetical order is so yesterday. Categories are kind of dull, too.

Maybe size or color is the way to go.

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