Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Present: 02.09.13

The Present: 02.09.13

Quite a snowstorm last night. I'd say we got at least two feet, if not more. The photo above is the view from my office. The snow drift rises nearly to the doorknob. The door enters on the garage, on the other side of which, in the driveway, my car is completely buried. Not one part is visible. You could ski down the driveway and mistake for a mogul.

All the streets in Connecticut have been closed. Wind gusts blow dry tiny flakes of snow this way and that. I'd like to go out to shovel, but it's just too damn cold. I'll wait, at the very least, until the plow hits our little cul de sac. Or not. If the wind dies down perhaps I'll head out earlier. Of course, where do you displace two feet of snow? We'll have four feet on either side of the driveway when I am done. I wish I had a snow blower. Alas. A little exercise won't hurt.

I just finished reading Kim Stanley Robinson's amazing Mars trilogy: Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars. It's a spectacularly detailed imagining not only of the technological side of terraforming Mars, but of the difficulties of founding a colony, creating a system of government, negotiating with the the mother country, dealing with tensions between immigrants and native born, not to mention the effects of slowing down aging on memory, consciousness, et al. Great stuff.

Immediately after putting that down I picked up Roadside Picnic, the Soviet era sci-fi novel that Tarkovsky used as the basis for Stalker. I'll let you know how it goes. It's great so far.

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