Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Present: 02.12.13

The Present: 02.12.13

A day of rain and some warmer temperatures have brought on a bit of a thaw. Still a ways to go, however, before things return to normal. Plows (I always want to spell this word like the Brits, "plough," for some reason I prefer the pillowy openness of -ough to the to disappointing finality of -ow) came through and created a lane on the opposite side of the street, leaving our mailbox inaccessible. Don't mail anything for at least a few more days.

Between last week's sick days and this week's snow days, I haven't worked much in the past few weeks, except some emailing from home. Not that I mind. I've gotten plenty of writing done, read a bit, played with my daughter, got to know a few of my neighbors via a blizzard pot luck yesterday afternoon.  We finally made it out of the driveway yesterday to pick up some diapers and chocolate.

Lindt brought out two new flavors of dark chocolate we've yet to try: Strawberry and Wasabi. We've tried all of their flavors, but generally stick to the few we like: Sea Salt, Chili, Orange, and, more recently, Coconut. We do not like Passion Fruit, Caramel-Sea Salt, Black Currant, Cranberry, Cocoa Nut Crunch, or Cocoa Almond Brittle. We used to like the 70% dark chocolate, but after getting into the flavored chocolates they just don't seem sweet enough anymore.

I'll let you know about the new ones once we've tried them.

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