Friday, February 15, 2013

The Present: 02.15.13

The Present: 02.15.13

We've more or less dug ourselves out here in North Haven. The mail comes, the back door opens, we have diapers. New Haven proper is a parking disaster, so I have been hitching a ride with a co-worker each morning and afternoon.

My skin is dry. A crack just opened on the skin between my forefinger and thumb. No blood, but it stings a bit. I still haven't found a suitable replacement for my books as subject matter for the blog, but I am enjoying writing these little diary entries.

I brought home two books by Lisa Robertson last night, R's Boat and Nilling. She's coming to the Poetry Working Group at Yale in a couple of weeks. The way the PWG works is as follows: curators Richard Deming and Nancy Kuhl order books by the visiting poet, which they leave on a shelf in the back of a room at the Whitney Humanities Center.  The group members pick up the books, read them, then get together to talk about the work.

A week or so later the poet shows up, having been prepped on the content of the previous discussion. The group talks with them about their work for a couple of hours. Most of the time the poets do not perform a full-scale reading, but often someone asks them to read a poem or two out loud during the discussion.

Thankfully, Lisa, has been enlisted to read in Nancy's series at the Beinecke, so we'll get the full treatment. I think Alice Notley is on deck after Lisa, which bodes well for spring.

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