Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Present: 02.20.13

The Present: 02.20.13

A pattern seems to have emerged.

Days I decide to write now seem to be determined by whether or not I take a photo between the time I wake and the time I sit down with my coffee, kefir, and laptop. If, for instance, I take a photo of a tree while walking the dog, I will post that photo to flickr, then write about it on the blog. On the other hand, if I do not take a photo, I don't seem to write.

I am not always inspired to pull out my phone to take a photograph. Thus, I am not always moved to write.

A lovely winter light the cuts sideways through the sliding glass doors in my office in the morning, throwing the silhouettes of the trees on the wall. This morning I was tempted to shoot video rather than a still photo to catch the movement. I shot a still instead. The motion created a kind of blurring effect that abstracted the image.

Consumed with my job lately, I haven't had much time for self-reflection. I've been writing steadily, though, working on poems for my collaboration with Isabelle. I've already written ten of them. I even like a few. I will post some here, as I said before, but not until the project develops a bit.

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